• Keep Bali Clean Volunteers

    Keep Bali Clean Volunteers

  • Real Men Use The Trash Bin

    Real Men Use The Trash Bin

Keep Bali Clean is a campaign aimed at reducing Bali’s current littering problem.

Bali is facing an environmental and potential health disaster with the trash on the much loved island.

Only 3 decades ago, plastic was not used in Bali. Most Balinese would bring a woven bag to carry items home from the markets. Today, almost every item that is purchased throughout Bali, from ceremonial offerings to food, to general house hold items, is packed in plastic. Bali’s population is estimated at 4-5 million people and most residents receive a minimum of Two plastic bags per day. Thats close to 10 million plastic bags per day.

With insufficient education on the disposal of rubbish, many of Bali’s millions of plastic bags end up littering the environment, finding their way into the water streams and eventually ending up in the ocean.

Another very common method of rubbish disposal, is to burn it. Burning plastic at regular fire temperatures is highly toxic, resulting in many serious illnesses including cancer.

Keep Bali Clean is currently running an anti littering campaign on a local TV station DEWATA TV. The campaign is funded through T shirt sales and donations from individuals and business. Initially we have the below commercial playing daily at 6pm . Our target is to have 4 commercials playing daily.

The average Warung (shop) in Bali hands out 100 – 150 bags per day to their customers, costing the warung owner approximately $40 – $50 per month. By encouraging the consumer to bring a reusable TAS PASAR bags, the warung owner saves considerably on the expense of buying plastic bags and our Bali environment benefits immensely.

Through Donations and sales KBC have distributed over 30,000 reusable bags to consumers in Bali.

KBC, have done many presentations, to traveling groups, schools and at traditional ceremonies.

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