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A garbage bank for every village in the city would have been probably unthinkable in the past, but that’s exactly what the Denpasar administration is planning to establish in an effort to curb the province’s garbage menace.

There are now about 23 garbage banks in Denpasar and the number is growing with the target being having at least one in every village. These banks have proven to be effective in assisting residents manage trash and live in healthier environments. The banks also come with monetary benefits, however, to achieve this they would have to be established in appropriate locations where they are not a disturbance to residents, and be well managed for maximum benefits.

Sanur citizens in Southern Denpasar have come up with an innovative waste management idea, where they create oil from plastic waste and use it as fuel for their cremation ceremonies. Notably, every highly populated city has a unique garbage problem, but such ingenious concepts are very helpful in assisting the administration tackle the problems that garbage causes to the environment.

Denpasar city alone needs at least 90 garbage trucks. The shortage of such trucks forces drivers to drive back and forth multiple times a day. The problem could be handled more effectively if there were more trucks.

It is also important to highlight that the garbage problem is not unique to the large cities, villages are also chocking under the same. The city’s administration cannot solve this alone, it requires the input of local residents as well as innovative recycling ideas.